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Labours Of Life

Posted by Fortcom on October 23, 2018
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Labors of life
I till the soils
Like farmers will with seed.
Intent is good
So is promise
The season will show.

So do I have love
Urging and restless
Searching in your eyes,
heart and soul…….
Somewhere to find rest
Somewhere to remain buried
With hope it will grow.

Butterfly in the wind
you dance and play
Flower upon flower
You impress
With a coat of many colors.
Perhaps you will flap your
Wings upon me………..

Play with me
Natures intention.
I admire your beauty
And your ways too
But many are of my kind
With hopes and wishes like mine……..

The reason I await
Until you make it my turn.
A flower beside a pool
In still waters
My reflection shows
My petals set in Godly beauty
Aroma I give to strangers…….

Free of charge, for all, for you
But you never give response.
Mirror, mirror on the wall
I check just to be sure
If she will notice me
For I perceive what
I deem fair to her?
Perhaps I don’t know yet
That I am in love with myself.

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