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Eleza Sacco

Our Head Office

eleza sacco


We are located at Kawangware, Muhu building along Naivasha Rd,  first floor room no. 4

Contact us on

+254 791 478 674


Why Save With Eleza Sacco

eleza sacco
  • We have a team of well dedicated and well trained staffs who offer quality service to our members.
  • Our financial solution are affordable and well researched to meet the demands of our members.
  • We value feedback from our members.
  • Our interest is low compared to other competitors
  • No hidden charges.






All payments  and monthly subscriptions are to be made to our official accounts/channels against which an official receipt is issued

Payment Account Details


M-pesa PAYBILL NO: 657080
Use your membership no./first name for account

Equity (Kawangware branch) Bank or any Equity Agent
ACCOUNT: NUMBER: 0630267287046

Registration Requirements

Individual Registration

savings account

To register with Eleza Sacco you will need the following

  1. Original I.D/ passport
  2. Two passport size photo (coloured)
  3. Registration fee of ksh 1000
  4. Duly filled individual membership form

Group/Chama Registration


To register as a group/chama you will need 

  1. Minutes
  2. Resolutions
  3. By-law
  4. Registration certificate
  5. Two passport photo for officials e.g. chairman, secretary and treasurer

Account Products

Savings Account

savings account

Have money and you don’t plan on spending it soon? Save with us


  • Original ID/passport
  • 2 Passport photo size (coloured)
  • Registration fee ksh 1000
  • Minimum monthly savings of ksh 1000

Junior Account

Junior account

This account is for saving for your young ones for their future.


  • Parent’s /Guardian’s copy of ID/Passport
  • Child’s birth certificate copy
  • Registration fees ksh 500
  • Minimum monthly saving ksh 500

Individual Account


This is account is whereby you save your money and after six months you get a loan three times your savings. No security required only guarantor’s shares

  • Requirements
    • Copy of ID
    • Two passport photo
    • Fill membership form

Joint Account

savings account

This is a joint account with a minimum of five members who have come together with a common goal.


  • Copies of ID each.
  • Two passports photo size for all members.
  • Fill membership form.
  • Registration ksh 1000
  • Minimum contribution of Ksh 1000 per month.

Group/Chama Accounts

Junior account

This is a group of more than five members whereby they save together and after six month they get a loan whereby they have a common goal.


  • Copies of ID of officials
  • Two passport photo for three officials together – chair, secretary and treasurer.
  • Registration fee ksh 2,000
  • Minimum monthly contribution ksh 5,000
  • Minutes ,resolution, bylaws authorizing group to join the Sacco
  • Copy of group Registration certificate

Our Loan Products

School Fees Loan

school fees loan

This is to enable your child to have a smooth learning while in school


  • School fees structure
  • Interest rate 1%per month
  • Repayment period of 12 months

Business Loan


This is meant for business people to boost their businesses or stock


  • Business to be in existence for more than six months
  • Must have a valid trade licence
  • Show proper demonstration of sales
  • Interest late 1% reducing balance.

Development Loan

Development Loan

This is meant for development purpose e.g. buying plots, house or construction


  • Be a member for a period of six months
  • Save a third of the total value of the property
  • Provide collate e.g. log book or title deed
  • Interest rate of 1% reducing balance.

Emergency Loan


This  loan is offered to cater for any eventuality


  • Any supportive document
  • Interest rate 1% reducing balance

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