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Open Day

Nov 23, 2018
  We extend an invitation to you for our open day scheduled for December 1st at Flowerview Isinya. Please regi [more]
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How Was I Overtaken

Oct 23, 2018
How did that fool overtake me? That’s the question that lingers in the minds of most people when they turn 55. They [more]
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Labours Of Life

Oct 23, 2018
Labors of life I till the soils Like farmers will with seed. Intent is good So is promise The season will show. So [more]
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Money Mistakes

Oct 19, 2018
Money Mistake 1 Never borrow money that accrues interest to start a business (except if you are paying for it throu [more]
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Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Aug 21, 2018
Tips for first Home Buyers House Hunting Before you start to house shop, you need a thought of what sort of neighbo [more]
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Steps of buying genuine land in Kenya

Jul 24, 2018
When you’re ready to acquire a piece of Land, there are some pre-requisites which you need to adhere to so that the [more]
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Why Invest in Land

May 20, 2018
As business people discover accomplishment with their essential business wanders, many scan for the best possible v [more]
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Mistakes to Avoid in Real Estate Investment

Apr 21, 2018
Once the market starts to rebound, investing in real property also becomes a more appealing idea — either as [more]
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